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Making Herstory is the first episode of Birds Eye View, a magazine-style podcast that gives you a new perspective on women in prison. 

In this episode, meet Serafina and Noelene, who are doing time because of payback, and find out how revenge shapes life in prison. 



Let’s talk about sex, baby. That’s right folks. This episode is all about love and sex in prison. Meet Naomi who had a boyfriend on the other side of the fence, find out what it means to be ‘gate gay’ and meet some real love birds.



In this final episode of Birds Eye View, follow Joan as she prepares for her last day in prison, and join Deanne as she heads back home to country. 



In this episode, you’ll find out about the beauty hacks women use to keep looking good in prison and you’ll meet Julie, who survived a rare disease and a world tour with a famous rock band.

Did you know that Qantas headsets get refurbished by women in prison? And low security prisoners get to whipper snipper old people’s lawns? In this episode, find out why work is such a big deal in prison, and meet Taise, who used to have a great job on the outside. 

In this episode, you’ll find out why getting mail in jail is such a big deal and you’ll meet Aimee, who goes to church on the inside. 



What’s it like to be in prison with your mum? And what’s it like to be a mum in prison? You’ll find out in this episode of Birds Eye View, all about family. 

Time does strange things in prison. Hours are broken up by the intercom and whole weeks dissolve into a single meal. This week, find out how women measure time with hot dogs and why Kaye is determined to stop drinking.  



In this episode, women share tips for looking good in prison and you’ll meet Jess, a self-confessed fashion fanatic with a love for expensive body scrubs and animal metaphors.



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