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Rocket has spent most of her adult life in prison. On the outside, she loves hanging out with her dog Ollie but in prison, no one wants to be a dog. 

What’s it like to be in prison with your mum? And what’s it like to be a mum in prison? Tegan can tell you about both. 


Taise has always been a hard worker. Before prison, she had a job she loved and a great bond with her boss. Can she get back the things she loved?


Jessica is a self-confessed fashion fanatic and one of the things she misses most in prison is her wardrobe. She also misses her kids and wants to make sure their childhood is different to hers. 

Kaye says grog has taken so many things - her body, her father, her son and her sister. Now she's determined to stop drinking.


In this story, Serafina speaks about payback, violence, jealousy and grog and how they contributed to her ending up in prison. 

This is Naomi’s first time in prison. She spends most of her time thinking about her mum, her younger brother and her boyfriend, who’s on the other side of the fence. 


In prison, Deanne dreams of home and all the mangrove worms she’s going to eat when she gets out. She also thinks about her family and hopes they are safe.  


Meet Julie, who has Machado-Joseph Disease and survived a world tour with a famous rock band.


Noelene lost her eye when another woman glassed her in the street. Now her family wants her to take revenge, an eye for an eye, but Noelene has another idea. 

Aimee grew up in Darwin and it wasn’t until she came to prison that she realised she’d lost her sense of self and her faith. Will her prayers be answered?


When Joan was sentenced she was pregnant. She was told she could keep her baby with her in prison but after her daughter was born, things changed.