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In prison, Deanne dreams of home and all the mangrove worms she’s going to eat when she gets out. She also thinks about her family and hopes they are safe.  

My Island HomeDeanne
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Deanne's story is part of the BIRDS EYE VIEW Podcast, presented by StoryProjects, made with women inside the Darwin Correctional Centre.

Storyteller: Deanne
Sylvia, Noelene, Kaye, Aimee, Kelly-Anne, Bianca, Trisha, Kiara, Brooklyn, Taise, Rocket, Deanne, Jessica, Naomi, Serafina, Julie, Tegan, Joan, Philomena, Yasmin, Sofi, Kirsty-Louise, Jessee, Beccy, Gillian, Karen, Kym, Tara and Ashley.

Executive Production: Johanna Bell
Production: Cinnamon Nippard, Leah Sanderson and Johanna Bell
Mixing: Hamish Robertson
Music Coordination: Ben Andrews
Theme music: 'Worth It' by Caiti Baker
Additional music: Caiti Baker, Cassii Williams, Soorkia, Sietta and B2M (full music credits)

Graphic and web design: Celia Neilson
Legal advice: Kathryn Wilson
Online production: Jess Ong


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“No one wants a violent man in their life. No woman wants a violent man around her or her children and eventually she will get sick of it and leave him.” 

Please note that this story contains material that may be disturbing, especially for survivors of trauma. Aboriginal and Torres Strait people are advised that the story may contain the names and voices of people who have passed away.

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