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Let’s talk about sex, baby. That’s right folks. This episode is all about love and sex in prison. Meet Naomi who had a boyfriend on the other side of the fence, find out what it means to be ‘gate gay’ and meet some real love birds.

Love is the seventh episode of BIRDS EYE VIEW, a magazine-style podcast that gives you a new perspective on women in prison. BIRDS EYE VIEW was co-created with women inside the Darwin Correctional Centre and is presented by StoryProjects.


Feature storyteller: Naomi
Contributions: Sylvia, Noelene, Kaye, Aimee, Kelly-Anne, Bianca, Trisha, Kiara, Brooklyn, Taise, Rocket, Deanne, Jessica, Naomi, Serafina, Julie, Tegan, Joan, Philomena, Yasmin, Sofi, Kirsty-Louise, Jessee, Beccy, Gillian, Karen, Kym, Tara and Ashley.
Executive production: Johanna Bell
Production: Cinnamon Nippard, Leah Sanderson and Johanna Bell
Mixing: Hamish Robertson
Music coordination: Ben Andrews
Theme music: 'Worth It' by Caiti Baker
Featuring music by: Ripple Effect, Ceenah, Bat Hazzard, Soorkia and Johnny Green (full music credits)
Online production: Jess Ong
Legal advice: Kathryn Wilson
Graphic and web design: Celia Neilson

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“In some prisons you get conjugal visits. That’s when you get a little room and you meet up with your partner and you get to have sex. You see it in US prison realty TV shows and shit but it doesn’t happen here in Sector Four.” 

Please note that this podcast contains material that may be disturbing, especially for survivors of trauma. Aboriginal and Torres Strait people are advised that the story may contain the names and voices of people who have passed away.

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